The traveling pop-punk festival and the SFX-owned Beatport have agreed to a three-year deal, which will see a larger EDM presence at the festival. It’s pretty much the #1 place we would never want to be; keep in mind that we’re really old and grumpy. Via Billboard Biz:

It’s a sentiment echoed by Beatport executive creative director Clark Warner. “It’s a millennial tour, that’s where the audience is. We know a huge percentage of people who are going to that festival, it’s their first festival. So coming in as a teenager, to come and get inspired by something new, there’s so much more openness at an event like that versus coming in and going, 'I’m not going to that stupid stage because that’s not my genre, that’s not my scene,’” he says. “I didn’t get that at all when I was in Houston. Our stage had people who were moving around. You could just tell by the look of people they were there to check out new music.”

Get ready – this will probably make Coachella look like the annual MET Gala.

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