A new brand of marketing-savvy independent artists are taking the bleak conversation of streaming to new horizons by doing it their own way. If you’re an artist, payouts from streaming are the usually the ill-paying thorn in your side, but take it from Nicolas Jaar, Ryan Hemsworth and others – streaming can be your friend. Via The New York Times:

Last August, Mr. Jaar started Other People, a subscription service that distributes his music and that of friends and collaborators. Subscribers pay $5 a month or $50 a year for a weekly offering of songs, all of which can be downloaded through the service’s website. The venture started paying for itself within six months, Mr. Jaar said.

“The truth is that touring can be really bad for making music, bad for the creative process,” he said. “When I started Other People, I was really trying to find a way to have a self-sustainable label so I don’t have to be touring all the time.”

Jaar nailed it on the head with this analogy:

“Spotify, the YouTube service, the Beats service, that’s like going to a big grocery store, and you can find any kind of food you like,” Mr. Jaar said. “But for me personally, I prefer inviting someone over to my house and cooking for them.”

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