From Resident Advisor:

The international festival circuit is booming, but little is known about the decades of evolution that got us here. In his latest extended feature, Luis-Manuel Garcia travels back in time to trace the roots of festival culture.

Back in April 2006, French electronic music duo Daft Punk closed out the first night of the Coachella Valley Arts And Music Festival. The stage was set with a huge pyramid laden with lighting and video technology, designed to provide a face-melting visual accompaniment to the music. What followed was a dynamic and dizzying mash-up of Daft Punk’s greatest hits, tightly coordinated with visual elements to form a cohesive narrative arc. Pretty much everyone who was there reported having their minds blown. Taking place in the US—the land of “disco sucks” and guitar-rock purism—Daft Punk’s 2006 Coachella appearance was a conversion experience for many. Suddenly, indie rock fans whose electronic comfort zone once ended at The Postal Service were warming up to Justice and Deadmau5, and starting to think that maybe dance music isn’t all that bad.

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